Rachel Brookes & Zoe Day  Network Marketing Professionals
The High Achievers Academy helps Network Marketers from across the World build highly successful, profitable Facebook groups that duplicate time and time again.
Are you struggling to build a team?
Are you struggling when building your business?
Do you look at other leaders thinking how do they do it and why not you?
Are you without a plan, or lacking support?
Have you set up team pages but they're not growing and you're getting nothing back?
And the good news is... there is a better way.
If you're a Network Marketer who wants to take their business to the next level or more and create leaders within your team so you can dramatically up-scale your income...
Ashley Reading
Business Developer
Rachel's meaning and motivation in life is family.  She started her career in Network Marketing with big ambitions and has gone on to achieve every goal she has set herself and in doing so has created some wonderful life long memories for herself, her husband and her 3 children. 
Her background is airline cabin crew, but she has been highly successful as a Network Marketer since 2013, paying off over £60,000 of debt in that time from the income she has generated from the Industry.
Rachel strives to make a difference and she loves to see others grow and being able to play a part in them helping to discover their purpose and true potential.
Rachel has what can only be described as an insane work ethic, but also understands the importance of balance, so in order to achieve this her time management has to be military.  She believes that by managing your time well you will always be able to give 100% to the task at hand.
Rachel enjoys the cinema, the theatre, time with friends, family days out, meals out and good wine!
Zoe's background is in Hairdressing, is an NVQ Hairdressing Assessor and Eyelash Technician and in addition she has been a very successful Network Marketer since 2013.
Zoe is a single mum to 3 beautiful girls and has found the flexibility she needed for her family life through Network Marketing.  Over the years she has grown into a fantastic Team Leader, mentoring and coaching others, not only within her own teams, but within the Networking industry as a whole, working very closely with them to share her successes and helping them achieve their own.  
Zoe believes wholeheartedly in mindset being the key to creating the life you want to live and she works on this daily, helping her achieve the goals she sets for her and her daughters.  She loves the sun, going to great restaurants, socialising with friends, creating memories with family and going to the gym and her talent for Networking the right way allows her to do all these things and more whilst helping people along the way. 
All his life Ash has been fascinated with and passionate about people, family, friends, business, health and well-being.  He loves them all, in different measures, at different times!
He's based his life on the following guiding principles and values; love, loyalty, honesty, integrity, friendship and fun.  He's never taken himself too seriously, he always looks on the bright side of life, his cup's always half full and he tries to make each day count.  You'll always see him wearing a smile,  even when times are tough.
Throughout his career (and he feels it's really only just begun!) he's always wanted to help people and make a difference to their lives.  He's been luck to be able to blend that drive and passion into his everyday business life.
Business and financial success has always been the result of hard work and the desire to always do the right thing. Whether it's been working with private clients and companies to achieve their financial goals or creating the first ever naturally isotonic sports drink with the World's greatest ever Olympian, it's all about having an impact on people's lives...and having loads of fun along the way!

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