12 Week Mentoring Programme

Upon joining you will receive your Discovery Pack, identify your personal goals, strengths, weaknesses and the desires you have from the programme. You will also complete your introduction to the High Achievers Academy Facebook Group.
When joining the High Achievers Academy, you can expect to receive one to one support as well as group support and support with your own personal business.  You will undoubtably form new friendships and build new business contacts and relationships. Every week you will also be invited to the "Sunday Night on the Sofa" Facebook Live, where you get to "interrogate' Rachel and Zoe with a Q&A session.  Throughout the 12 weeks, you will receive feedback on your personal interpretation of what you are creating as a result of your learning and development inspired by the course.  Check out what you can expect across the 12 weeks, below and we look forward to welcoming you the the Academy.


- 1 to 1 Vision Calls

- Visualise Your Success

- Commit to Your End Goal

Week 1

- Delivery is the Key

- How to Implement What you'll be Taught

Week 2

- Create your new YOU!

- Branding

- How to set up Successful Facebook Groups

Week 3


- Getting People Engaged

- Step by Step tuition to create meaningful and successful Facebook Lives

Week 4

Week 5


- How to Generate a wider Audience

- Growing the interest in your Brand

Week 6


- Creating Agenda

- Ensuring your audience know what to expect

Week 7


- Goal Setting

- Business Tips

- Knowing Your Stats

- Engaging in Your Product

- Building Relationships

Week 8


- Dealing with Disappointment

- Understanding Compliance 

- Online Events

- Networking with Linked In

Week 9

- The Importance of a Business Presentation

- Identifying needs

- How to Build a Team

- Mindset 

- Planning

Week 10

- Working an Event

- Duplication

- The Importance of Training Days

- Sending the Right Message

- Email Marketing

Week 11

- Automation

- Click Funnels and How to Use Them

- Growing your Audience

Week 12


- Understanding and Sharing Your Growth

- Recognising Your Journey

This 12 week Programme provides you tried and tested methods that will increase your positivity, productivity, skillset and of course, ultimately your revenue as a Network Marketer. 
We are changing the stigma attached to Network Marketing globally by giving people the tools to do the job well and we look forward to sharing this with you, so you can be part of the New Wave in the World of MLM.
Lead by Example!
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Buy now for just £1499 £999 (limited time only)
The High Achievers Academy 365 Planner
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